Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Janeiro 2010


Caros irmãos e amigos colaboradores do LAR Maná,

É com muita satisfação que lhes escrevemos para lhes informar sobre o andamento de nosso trabalho. Finalmente estamos alcançando o objetivo que almejamos. Já concluímos a primeira casa (apartamento) para receber as primeiras crianças e já temos uma família preparada, Miguel e Ednea, residindo nesta casa à espera das primeiras crianças que nos serão enviadas.

A segunda casa também deverá estar pronta em março e aí poderemos abrigar mais crianças. Para esta casa já temos contratado o casal Jorge e Nilzete que já são experientes e estrategicamente muito importantes para a equipe que aos poucos vai se formando.

No dia 15 de janeiro deste ano obtivemos uma grade bênção que foi a concessão de nosso registro junto ao COMDACO ( Conselho dos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente de Olinda). Isso significa que a partir de agora já estamos aptos para receber crianças e que elas deverão chegar a qualquer dia destes. Pedimos aos amados irmãos que continuem orando por este ministério que visa glorificar somente a Deus.

Maciel Vieira – Diretor Executivo.
E-mail: lar_mana@yahoo.com.br Telefone: 081 9907 7438.

Monday, July 13, 2009


The month of June 2009 was a very special month for us. A group of 17 people from Hartselle, Al. USA. spent 10 days with us sharing their love, worshiping, teaching local children about God, evangelizing, etc. It was an amazing experience for all of us. The atmosphere among us was so pleasant and full of joy. We also had the company and help of 8 students from the Preachers teaching School, EBNESR and the president of the school, Randy Short, was also with us along with other church members from Boa Viagem, Recife, PE. and teachers from the children’s project, PROCRESCER, a project which main goal is to teach the local children the Word of God and provide them with social inclusion.The children had VBS in the morning and recreational activities in the evenings while their parents were having Bible classes from Sunday 21 through Thursday 25. In the closing evening we had 107 kids, 95 adult visitors and 43 brethren in Christ, total of 245 people. And the best of all, a couple, husband and wife, obeying the gospel and being baptized. Now we have a new church established in the campus. Some adult people and many kids continue attending church ever since.We are sure that through all this our God and Father was glorified in heaven. Thank you who supported this mission trip. May God continue to bless your lives as you serve Him.
In Christ,
Maciel Vieira .Director.

PS. See the pictures below.

Equipe da Igreja em Hartselle, Alabama, EUA.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Up date, May 2009

Dear brethren in Christ,

How good it is to share the progress of our ministry with you. We have finished the construction of the fencing wall, the administration building and now we are working on the main building. We are expecting to have the first cottage ready by September. Then we will start welcoming the first kids. Please, continue to pray for this work so that it can reach its goal, fulfill its mission and glorify God. If you can give us some financial support, please make contact wit us. Please, take a look at the contact list in this blog.
May God continue to bless your life,
In Jesus Christ,

Maciel Vieira – Executive Director

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Foundation & Administration

L.A.R. Maná was founded in July 5th, 2008. It’s located at Avenida da Mangabeira, 963, Mirueira, Olinda, PE. Brazil.

The board of directors is made up as follows:
President: Ricardo José da Silva Guerra;
Secretary: Maria Aparecida de Barros Correia Bratcher;
Tresurer: Benedito Ferreira Carneiro da Cunha;
Directors: Randy Joseph Short,
Linda Kathryn Short;
Nelcita Araújo da Paz.

Counsellor: Jean Carlos de Albuquerque do Nascimento;
Counsellor: Lucinéa Correia Dantas;
Counselor: Antonio de Barros Neves

Executive Director: Joaquim Maciel Vieira.
Coordinator: Flávio Dantas.


Dear brothers and sister in Christ,

How good it is to share the progress of our ministry with you. It surely is a great joy to us! The fencing wall around the campus is built and we are just working on the final details of it while we are getting ourselves prepared to start with the remodeling of the main building which will be sheltering the children. The plan of the cottages or apartments, as may as well call them, is turning out so nice, Hope we will be able to share them with you soon. We suggest you to take a look at the pictures we just posted to this blog. I think they will give a good idea of our updated status.
Please, continue to pray for this work so that it can reach its goal and fulfill its mission, and that God may be glorified through it.
May God continue to bless your life,
In Jesus Christ,
J. Maciel Vieira – Executive Director

Our goal

Our goal is to welcome children that have been victims of physical and emotional abuses, have been abandoned, neglected, etc. and provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, offering them a sound and healthy environment in which they can experience love and respect.

Our Mission

Our mission is to love and care for them, help them to recover their self-esteem, joy, hope and faith. Help them to become good citizens, good professionals, good characters and, above all, faithful Christians. Prepare them to be able to reintegrate and interact socially and to live in harmony among other people. Provide the correct values and principles enabling them to be responsible for their choices and their consequences which will determine their own fate.